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Dec 6, 2012 6:00pm EST
. charm city all about the prize. when we heard about a new show comparing ours to d.c., we had to get in on the debate. >> reporter: guys, it's funny. we're down here because the travel channel will do a comparison between federal hill and compare that to capitol hill. what is better? obviously, it's federal hill. we're on east charles street. this is a pretty normal evening. we go inside the cross market with all the seafood. let's ask what everybody thinks about d.c. is that for me? d.c. versus baltimore. we're throwing you on tv. tell me why, why you like baltimore and specifically where you like to go in federal hill. >> well, i live here in federal. i just like this because the people are friendly. it's a little more laid back. >> you say friendlier than d.c. so hands down we have a big rivalry. ravens versus redskins. there you go. there you go. so we got. we have drinks and we have a crazy game this weekend. again, federal hill versus -- what do they call it? capitol hill. that's right. >> mike masco, doing it. you're never going to leave that place. >> all right. it may not be
Dec 17, 2012 6:00pm EST
,tough to make out the biggest buildings in the city. andthere's the rain and the mist and drizzle. 48 degrees with 100% humidity. we have the low cloud deck, the fog, the mist, and the drizzle and the low visibility. use the low beams tonight. viz blth reports at the top of the hour, not good. less than i third of a mile in baltimore. and right up through central maryland, less than half a mile of viz blth there. --visibility there. it'sdangerous out there. take alook at the wind, not much wind. temperatures cooled to the dew point numbers. now, tomorrow a day of changing weather. we'lllook for weather in the city to warm to the 60s. foggy earlybut clearing later in the day. that's the same in howard county. temperatures couldreach as high as the upper 50s. and further norts and east in harford county, maybe not that warm but it will be a day of changing weather. there's thatrain marching in our sdreks now. it will a -- direction now. behind that, some slow clearing. a few showers by mid-morning and then the sun is breaking through. the sun is definitely breaking through wednesday but a new w
Dec 31, 2012 6:00pm EST
closed until after the e vend. charles, lombard, traffic heading northbound toward the city on 394 and detoured on howard street. baltimore will close at gay street. there are also parking restrictions on some streets. find a garage and stay there for the complete traffic advisory. log on to >>> you can also head out to see annapolis. this year the show is in jeopardy. annapolis is struggling with limited funds right now. the city couldn't pay for the celebration but businesses in annapolis pitched in handfully funded the fireworks show for this year. >> i would say fireworks just adds to the whole idea of celebrating life, celebrating the historiness of this -- historicness. >> a seconds fireworks display will go off for the big kids at midnight. >> maryland's new law will be in effect. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake will attend the ceremonies and on tillman island in chesapeake bay, six couples plan to get married at the black walnut inn bay. many have gotten licenses since december 6th but they won't take effect until tomorrow. >>> lawmakers are working to reach a
Dec 27, 2012 6:00pm EST
. >> reporter: shaw is healing from that beating. baltimore city police didn't comment on the story today but say they are looking in to the possibility this indeed was a hate crime. >>> in our consumer alert a walk out threatens at midnight as long shore men and the port of baltimore can make a deal on a new contract. the port is one of the main economic generators in maryland. the two sides are supposed to sit down saturday to end the standoff. the main issues, royalties. . >> and it's unfortunate that we have gotten to this point. this has been known for months. again, when work interruptions happen nobody wins. >> it's not just the port of baltimore that's affected here. 15 ports with 15,000 worker also be impacted from maine down to texas. >>> the senate is back hoping to find a compromise to avoid the fiscal cliff. the house is still on a break leaving some to wonder if there is time to strike a deal or if the economy is doomed to go over the edge when the clock hits midnight. >> reporter: hundreds of waterford crystals in installed on the ball in new york's time square. the coun
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4